Tilmelding til Tour de France

tourDer er flere der har spurgt til hvordan man tilmelder sig til Tour de France. Nedenfor er en kopi af Bo’s henvendelse til løbsledelsen, som kan bruges som inspiration til dem der insisterer på at ville køre med til sommer.



Dear Tour de France organisation.

I want to sign up for this years event. I write this e-mail, because I can not find the registritation form on your web site. Also, please inform me the registration fee, and your account no.

To be ready for your event, I can inform you, that I have been training hard all winter, at least twice a week. Some times for more than an hour. (my wife complains about the swetty smell, but I have been disciplined anyway ;o) ) In February I did not train at all, but I have just been to Mallorca for a week, so I think it does not matter.

I have my own bike, and also cycle pump, so you don’t have to worry about that. Of course I’m a member of a club. Broendby Club de Cycle a la Motion. So I’m quite used to ride with other cyclists. (sometimes without any accidents)

I can say, that I expect to win a few mountain stages, as I have lost a lot of weight. Right now, I’m down to only 109 kg. I hope to loose maby 1 more kg. So as you can see, I’m well prepared, to climb the small hills you have in France.

I have a few questions, is it possible that you can postpone the start for a week, I have some trouble, getting vacation on the time you sugest to start the race? (I have to go to a birthday party)

Also, I have my own tt bike, is it allowed to ride with a disc rearwheel? Or is that against the rules?

My jerseys are red, should I get a yellow one, or can I buy It from you?

As I’m a little down on chash at the moment, I would like to know, if there I any prize money for the winner?

Do you think I should shave my legs? I’d rather not, my wife gets angry if I doo. And also, I’m not at transvestite.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to me.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards